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Ancient - Crusader Gear Upgrade Service: Stampede Tank Physical Build ( Greater Rift 45+)

239,20 EUR

Ancient - Crusader Gear Upgrade Service: Stampede Tank Physical Build ( Greater Rift 45+)
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D3 Realm: 

With this Diablo 3 gear upgrade service your Crusader will be an unstoppable killing machine. The Shotgun Condemn Control is an aggressive build, with most of the crusader builds its focus on the 100% Up-Time Akkarat's Champion which will provides you with great mitigation and damage, allowing you to take a beating while you bring the armies of hell to their knees!

Stampede Tank Physical Build Items
( All of your items will be Ancient quality ):

- Head: Leoric's Crown
- Shoulders: Pauldrons of Akkhan
- Amulet: The mara's kaleidoscope / countess julia's cameo / Eye of etlich / The star of Azkaranth / The Flavor of Time
- Chest: Breastplate of Akkhan
- Bracer: Strongarm Bracers
- Gloves: Gauntlets of Akkhan
- Belt: Vigilante Belt
- Pants: Cuisses of Akkhan
- Boots: Sabatons of Akkhan
- Ring1:  Unity / Stone of Jordan
- Ring2:  Ring of royal grandeur
- Weapon: The Furnace
- Shield: Unrelenting Phalanx
- Follower: Templar / Enchantress / Scoundrel with Unity and Enchanting Favor Relic

Legendary Gems:
- Pain Enhancer ( 25 )
- Bane of the Trapped ( 25 )
- Gogok of Swiftness ( 25 )

Stampede Tank Physical Build Spells and Passives:

- Phalanx with Stampede rune
- Judgment with Resolved rune
- Steed Charge with Endurance rune
- Akkarat's Champion with Prophet rune
- Provoke with Charged Up rune
- Laws of Valor with Critical or Unstoppable Force rune

Passives are : Heavenly Strength, Long Arm of the Law, Lord Commander and Finery

Shipping time: 10 days