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Barbarian Gear Upgrade Service: Furious Charge Fire build ( Greater rift 25+ )

54,31 EUR

Barbarian Gear Upgrade Service: Furious Charge Fire build ( Greater rift 25+ )
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D3 Realm: 

With this Diablo 3 gear upgrade service your Barbarian will be an unstoppable killing machine. You have to charge all of the mobs together, and keep charging it into more and aoe it down faster. The key to fast rift times isn't simply high density levels, lots of it has to do with your ability to charge champs forward into more mobs to kill it all faster while moving forward, while not getting yourself killed. It's best to simply skip certain packs if you feel it is too dangerous.

Furious Charge Fire build items
( quality of the items will be medium-high ):

- Head: Leoric's Crown
- Shoulders: Vile Ward
- Amulet: The mara's kaleidoscope / countess julia's cameo / Eye of etlich / The star of Azkaranth / The Flavor of Time
- Chest: Raekor's Heart
- Bracer: Strongarm Bracers / Nemesis Bracers / Slave Bonds
- Gloves: Raekor's Wraps
- Belt: Pride of Cassius
- Pants: Raekor's Breeches
- Boots: Raekor's Striders
- Ring1:  Unity / Stone of Jordan
- Ring2:  Ring of royal grandeur
- Weapon: Maximus

Legendary Gems:
- Bane of the Powerful ( between rank 1 - 10 )
- Gorgok of Swiftness ( between rank 1 - 10 )
- Bane of the Trapped ( between rank 1 - 10 )

Furious Charge Fire build Spells and Passives:

- Frenzy with Maniac rune
- Call of the Ancients with The Council Rises rune
- Battle Rage with Bloodshed rune
- Ignore Pain with Iron Hide rune
- Furious Charge with Battering Ram rune
- Wrath of the Berserker with Insanity rune

Passives are : Ruthless, Berserker Rage, Boon of Bul-Kathos and Superstition/Tough as Nails

Shipping time: 7 days