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Gear Upgrade Service: Custom (Greater rift 25+)

96,00 EUR

Gear Upgrade Service: Custom (Greater rift 25+)
Lieferzeit: siehe Beschreibung
D3 Realm: 

With this Diablo 3 gear upgrade service, we will farm you a gear set entirely of your choosing.

You can pick and choose one item for each inventory slot of your character. (Please specify the requested Helm, Shoulders, Chest, Amulet, Gloves, Belt, Bracers, Ring1, Legs, Ring2, Weapon, Boots, Offhand in the user note.)
This build also includes 3 legendary ( rank1 ) gems of your choice and flawless royal gems in every non-jewelry socket.

The quality of the items will be medium to high.


Shipping time: 5 - 8 days