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Monk Gear Upgrade Service: Fire Dashing Strike ( Greater rift 50+ )

54,31 EUR

Monk Gear Upgrade Service: Fire Dashing Strike ( Greater rift 50+ )
Lieferzeit: siehe Beschreibung
D3 Realm: 

Fire Dashing Strike Build Items ( quality of the items will be very high ):

- Head: Mask of the Searing Sky
- Shoulders: Mantle of the Upside-Down Sinners
- Amulet: Eye of Etlich / Mara's Kaleidoscope
- Chest: Cindercoat
- Bracer: Spirit Guards
- Gloves: Fists of Thunder
- Belt: String of Ears / The Witching Hour
- Pants: Scales of the Dancing Serpent
- Boots: Eight-Demon Boots
- Ring1:  Ring of royal Grandeur
- Ring2:  Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac
- Weapon: Flying Dragon
- Follower: Templar / Enchantress / Scoundrel with Unity and Enchanting Favor Relic

Legendary Gems:
- Taeguk ( rank 25 )
- Gorgok of Swiftness ( rank 25 )
- Bane of  the Trapped( rank 25 )

Fire Dashing Strike Build Spells and Passives:

- Fist of Thunder with Quickening rune
- Breath of Heaven with Infused with Light rune
- Epiphany with Deser Shroud rune
- Mantra of Salvation with Agility rune
- Inner Sanctuary with Forbidden Palace rune
- Dashing Strike with Radiance rune

Passives are:  Seize the Initiative, Near Death Experience, Becan of Ytar and Harmony

Shipping time: 7 days