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Monk Gear Upgrade Service: Sunwuko's Lightning Build ( Greater rift 40+ )

120,00 EUR

Monk Gear Upgrade Service: Sunwuko's Lightning Build ( Greater rift 40+ )
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D3 Realm: 

Wave of Light is the skill that you will use to trigger massive Exploding Palm chain reactions. Since the redesigned Gungdo Gear makes EP (Exploding Palm) on-death explosion hit apply a new EP on every mob it hits, this often times leads into a complete screen wipe in dense rifts. Playstyle is rather simple. On lower GRs (Greater Rifts) you're first applying EPs on weak monsters and then killing them with WoL (Wave of Light). Aim for weak mobs that don't run around too much since the power of lightning WoL is the pillar that zaps mobs for that 785% over 3 seconds. This shoud be enough for the screen to get wiped.

Sunwuko's Light Build Items ( quality of the items will be very high ):

- Head: Leoric's Crown
- Shoulders: Sunwuko's Balance
- Amulet: Sunwuko's Shines
- Chest: Inna's Vast Expanse
- Bracer: - Bracer: Gungdo Gear ( Season 2 Only) / Strongarm Bracer / lacuni prowlers
- Gloves: Sunwuko's Paws
- Belt: Inna's Favor
- Pants: Inna's Temperance
- Boots: The Crudest Boots
- Ring1:  Unity
- Ring2:  Ring of royal grandeur
- Weapon: Incense Torch of the Grand Temple
- Follower: Templar / Enchantress / Scoundrel with Unity and Enchanting Favor Relic

Legendary Gems:
- Taeguk ( rank 25 )
- Gorgok of Swiftness ( rank 25 )
- Bane of  the Trapped( rank 25 )

Sunwuko's Lightning Build Spells and Passives:

- Wave of Light with Pillar of the Ancients rune
- Mystic Ally with Air Ally rune
- Epiphany with Deser Shroud rune
- Sweeping Wind with Inner Storm rune
- Exploding Palm with Impending Doom / Shocking Grasp
- Dashing Strike with Blinding Speed rune

Passives are:  Exalted Soul, Sixth Sense, Becan of Ytar and Unity / Harmony

Shipping time: 7 days