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Gogok of Swiftness - Rank 25 Service

7,73 EUR

Gogok of Swiftness - Rank 25 Service
Lieferzeit: siehe Beschreibung
D3 Realm: 

With this service we will search for this Gem and level it up to Rank 25.

50% chance on hit to gain Swiftness, increasing your Attack Speed by 1% for 3 seconds. This effect stacks up to 10 times.

Also gain 1% Cooldown Reduction per stack. (Requires Rank 25)     

Upgrade Bonus per Rank: +1% Chance

Average delivery time: 12 Hours

If you do not have Keystone of Trials or the gem itself with this service we will also farm those.
Any other Legendary Gems found during the farming will be kept!