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Blackthorne's Battlegear - Complete Set - Normal quality

15,50 EUR

Blackthorne's Battlegear - Complete Set - Normal quality
Lieferzeit: siehe Beschreibung
D3 Realm: 

Blackthorne's Battlegear

  • Blackthorne's Duncraig Cross
  • Blackthorne's Jousting Mail
  • Blackthorne's Notched Belt
  • Blackthorne's Spurs
  • Blackthorne's Surcoat

(2) Set:

+250 Vitality
Increases damage against elites by 10%

(3) Set:

Reduces damage from elites by 10.0%
+25% Extra Gold from Monsters

(4) Set:

You are immune to Desecrator, Molten, and Plagued monster ground effects.

Average delivery time: 16 Hours
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