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Orb of Storms

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Orb of Storms
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Orb of Storms
Active Skill Gem
KeywordsLightning, Spell, Duration, AoE, Chaining
Required Level4
Mana Cost11 to 28
Cooldown Time0.5
Cast time0.5s
Critical Strike Chance5%
Damage effectiveness20%
Per 1% Quality1% increased Lightning Damage
Creates a stationary electrical orb that frequently unleashes a splitting bolt of lightning at a nearby enemy. Using another lightning skill while inside the orb's cloud unleashes additional bolts. Casting this skill again will replace the previous orb. You can only cast this spell yourself, directly.
Deals x-y Lightning Damage
Base duration is 10.0 seconds
Chain 0 Times
Projectiles Split into (2 to 4) on hit
Charged Storm Cloud deals 0 more Damage