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The Wasp Nest

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The Wasp Nest
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The Wasp Nest
Throat Stabber
Quality: +20%
Physical Damage: (56.7 to 60.9)(197.1 to 211.7)
Critical Strike Chance: (7.56% to 7.88%)
Attacks per Second: (1.80 to 1.88)
Weapon Range: 9
Requires Level 60, 113 Dex, 113 Int+40 Life gained for each Enemy hit by Attacks(150-170)% increased Physical Damage
(20-25)% increased Attack Speed
(20-25)% increased Critical Strike Chance
+(180-200) to Accuracy Rating
20% chance to Poison on Hit
Attacks with this Weapon deal 80-120 added Chaos Damage against
Enemies affected by 5 or more Poisons
To discover how cruel nature can be,
you need only shake the wrong branch.