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Kitava's Thirst

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Kitava's Thirst
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Kitava's Thirst
Zealot Helmet
Armour: (176 to 187)
Energy Shield: (52 to 55)
Requires Level 44, 50 Str, 50 Int15% reduced Cast Speed
(70-80)% increased Armour and Energy Shield
+(30-50) to maximum Mana
30% chance to Cast Socketed Spells when
you Spend at least 100 Mana to Use a Skill
Tukohama, Tawhoa and Kitava went to the lake to fish.
Tawhoa weaved a net to catch the fish,
Tukohama built a fire to cook the fish,
and Kitava swallowed the entire lake, fish and all, with a single gulp.