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Nuro's Harp

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Nuro's Harp
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Nuro's Harp
Harbinger Bow
Elemental Damage: (120–180 to 140–210)
Critical Strike Chance: (6.50 to 7.50)%
Attacks per Second: (1.32 to 1.38)
Requires Level 68, 212 Dex
(30 to 50)% increased Critical Strike ChanceNo Physical Damage
Adds (120–180 to 140–210) Cold Damage
(10 to 15)% increased Attack Speed
(10 to 30)% increased Light Radius
15% chance to create Chilled Ground when you Freeze an Enemy
Create Consecrated Ground when you Shatter an Enemy
Night's frost becomes morning's dew
Darkness cleansed, pure and new.